Greater Profitability and MORE Peace of Mind

At CubosHomes we have the expertise in making your property profitable with complete transparency, offering you comprehensive tailor-made management.

Greater Profitability

Making your property provide you with the highest profitability will be very simple thanks to our experience.

We have the latest and most powerful macro data analysis and marketing tools, which together with the CubosHomes model, allow us to draw up the best dynamic pricing strategy, with which our owners obtain the best possible price-occupancy ratio for each season of the year, and consequently the highest annual profitability.

More Peace of Mind

With our tailor-made management you will gain peace of mind.

Our multidisciplinary team (photography, marketing, analytics, traveler service, owner service, administration, etc.), together with our multi-service company (cleaning, laundry, reception of travelers, etc.), is perfectly formed to provide the traveler with an unsurpassed experience, and the owner maximum peace of mind.

From our personalized panel, the owners can check at any time and place: occupancy, prices, reservations and liquidations.

We have the know-how

Knowledge of the sector, the vocation of service and comprehensive advice to the owner to make your property stand out from the rest

Optimized Ads

Our system guarantees the distribution of your ad on all the major platforms in real-time. We study the market to optimize rates according to demand, always guaranteeing maximum profitability for your home.

Guest and owner support

Our customer care team is available 365 days a year to solve any need the guests may have. The team in charge to support the homeowners is also available 7 days a week to answer any questions or needs.

Cleaning & Reception

If the owner needs it, we have our own multi-service company, from which we can offer routine tourist-quality cleaning at the end of each reservation, laundry of textile items and reception service in person at the accommodation or online if there is a lock electronics.

Professional photography and 3D Virtual Tour

Your home will stand out thanks to the advice of the CubosHomes team, which will make the most of the beauty of your property. It is essential to invest in image and virtual visits, the return will be faster and greater.

Safety and respect for the local community

Sustainability and management responsibility are crucial for our company so that the impact on the local community is minimal. We promote good coexistence through quality procedures and behavior in close relationship with the building administrations.

Versatility and 360º management

Short-term rental produces high profitability, versatility, but above all, availability. If the owner wishes, he can reserve the dates on which he wishes to enjoy his accommodation, or enjoy it on the dates that have not been reserved. We are also specialists in the management of complete buildings.

Start making your property profitable now


Contacting CubosHomes

Contact us and we will study your particular case


Arranging the appointments

We visit your property and assess you and we prepare a forecast report of your possible future gains


Starting Up

We advise you about the legal procedures related to the rental of your property, and we will make recommendations on decoration, design or equipment


Publishing your ad

We create a professional ad for your accommodation, and we publish it on all the major specialized platforms in the sector, as well as on our own channel, offering global distribution


Beginning to receive reservations

Everything will be prepared to offer guests a perfect experience


We offer higher profit than traditional long-term rentals thanks to our optimized professional management of all types of tourist accommodation.


At CubosHomes we take care of everything: Photos, marketing, email and call management, booking management, traveller service, assistance to the homeowners, and if required, check-in service, cleaning, laundry and breakdown management.


We work on 'win to win' basis, and we succeed only if our homeowners do succeed as well. In our model there are no failures and the transparency is absolute.

Our Partners

We have strategic agreements with the large platforms that allow us to have preferred positions.